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What's going on with Social Media in 2022?

As you may know by now, social media is an ever-changing industry that constantly reacts to the current social climate and the needs of the consumer.

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So here are a few predictions, that users and businesses alike may find useful, about what social media will throw at us in 2022!


Almost 5 billion people are actively using social media globally and in 2022 this number is likely to go past the 5 billion mark. Facebook is still one of the most popular platforms which shows no signs of stopping in the new year.

Facebook's new tools such as Reels and its 'Live' feature, aims to bring in and engage its younger users and due to its new focus on the Metaverse, is likely to introduce AG and VR into its platforms.


Help with Social Media

Due to the growth of social media, more and more businesses see it as their 'Primary External Communications Channel'. Therefore, business owners will be actively seeking help and advice to strategically manage their company's social media. With businesses receiving professional help for their social media, those that don't see the importance of it may get left behind.

Focus on your Audience

The effects of the pandemic have drastically changed how we go about our everyday activities to a more remote approach e.g. online shopping.

This includes how audiences want to connect and build relationships with brands they love. Your customers' behaviour will play a role in your business decisions and it would also be a good idea to actively ask for, and act upon, their feedback.


So how does this affect you?

If social media is your main channel of communication between you and your customer, you are going to have to act on the potential upcoming features. Whether this means more video content, personal content, or content that encourages your audience to engage and interact.

You may be thinking; 'How am I going to do this?' or 'I don't know where to start.'

Well, that's where we come in! As experts in social media, already managing many successful accounts, we can keep you up to date and implement these changes for you (whilst also collaborating with yourself).

And if you just want to keep up to date, we aim to provide advice and information through our social media and our blog too!

So get following - FB: @TheConsultCentre, IG: @theconsultcentre,

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