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What do you want from your social media?

As a PR agency running many social media accounts, we often ask our clients 'what exactly do you want from your social media?' Some say they want more sales, others say they want to build their online presence.

Some know exactly what they want, while others don't really know and that's the reason they come to us, to get an expert opinion.

So if you choose to work with us, what exactly could you expect from The Consult Centre team running your social media?

1. Keep your free time FREE

One of the main reasons people come to us to manage their social media is because they just don't have the time.

Anyone that runs a business will know that the work never stops.

So business owners trust us to take care of their social media presence while also building and marketing towards a potential buyer community.

We take care of all this so you can keep your free time, free!


2. Don't think too much!

At The Consult Centre, we are content experts. We are also certified Facebook and Google Pros. So if we're running your social media, let us do all the thinking!

Our clients are specialists in their industry like we're specialists in ours.

So when they come to us, they don't want to be thinking about branding, being consistent or communicating with

potential customers.

We completely take over all aspects of their social media so they can get back to doing what they do best; running their business!


3. Communication is the key

A key aspect of social media is being able to communicate with your followers (potential buyers) on a regular basis, in a 'non-corporate' way. This allows businesses to build meaningful relationships with their followers by taking them on a journey with the content they provide.

We do this by specially curating a content plan, specific to each of our clients, that provides their audience with value, building loyalty and trust between the follower and the business.

THIS is the key to converting followers into a buyer community.


4. Get to the top of Google

Getting to the top of Google is no easy feat! Traditionally, it was a huge challenge to get your website ranking anywhere near the top of the search results, with developers resulting to shortcuts to trick the system!

As Google Pros, we know everything there is to know about SEO and getting your website ranking high.

Google My Business plays a huge role in this as this is what drives the search results and makes sure your profile is shown to the searcher.

When we take over your social media, we also run your GMB account and we can optimise it, so you can get the best results possible!

We post regularly to your GMB account as well as adding to the photos/videos page and any other updates that you would like. This is guaranteed to get you to the top of Google and bring in more indirect searchers to your website and social media.


So, in conclusion, whatever you may want from your social media we're pretty sure we can help with that. We're not just 'the people that do your social media', we work with you, understand what it is you want and always deliver.

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