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For the longest time, businesses put on a straight face, suit & tie and spoke in industry jargon no average person would understand!

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But with the dawn of social media, things started to change...

Social media is called social for a reason. As the famous quote from Jay Baer goes, "Social media allows big companies to act small again."

It allowed them to show a little personality, and if they didn't, their audience just found someone else to follow.

So let's get into why humour works:

  1. Makes your brand more human

  2. Increased Reach & Engagement

  3. Shareability: potential to go viral

There are many ways to show your funny side online. The only thing we would say to watch out for is; to make sure it is appropriate, somewhat related to your business/industry, and get your tone right (based on how your audience views you).

Here are a few ways you can implement humour into your social media posts:

funny witty joke smart business

  1. Memes (either ones that are trending or make your own)

  2. Gifs (short clips usually based on shows/movies/pop culture)

  3. Jokes (the smarter, the better)

  4. Funny quotes (usually by well-known people)

  5. Quizzes, this or that, pick your fave, would you rather

Are you ready to give humour a go? It might just be the turnaround your social media profiles need! Whether it's to relate to your audience, add a bit of lightheartedness to your feed or to inform about your business in a clever way.

It's time to drop the serious act and become more human!

After all, "people buy from people." - Joel Comm

Other News:

  • If you would like to find out more about Morecambe Hire or book our meeting/training rooms or hotdesking spaces, call 01524 418 225.

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We all know coming up with new content can be tricky, so we've complied some key dates coming up in May to add to your content plan!


May key dates:

  1. Star Wars Day - 4th May

  2. National Space Day - 6th May

  3. National Eat What You Want Day - 11th May

  4. World Cocktail Day - 13th May

  5. National Vegetarian Week - 16th May

  6. World Baking Day - 17th May

  7. World Bee Day - 20th May

  8. National Wine Day - 25th May

  9. International Hamburger Day - 28th May

  10. National Biscuit Day - 29th May

  11. National Creativity Day - 30th May

  12. National Smile Day - 31st May

Other news:

  • We've had a busy few weeks for Morecambe Hire! A huge thank you to everyone who has hired our meeting/training rooms and hot desking spaces. If you would like to book or find out more about our Morecambe Hire service call 01524 418 225.

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It's been a couple of months since the last update from TCC towers, and A LOT has been going on. From the Just Look Up exhibition and new team members to celebrating International Women's Day!

The Just Look Up art exhibition was a hit, with over 100 people attending!

The building was filled with the brilliant work of local artists who also held interactive workshops and talks.

We enjoyed some amazing food from Maxine at Gold Star Catering and live music by Jo Powell from Luna Folk Duo and More Music.

We also want to say a huge thank you to Jane from Beach Bird and Morecambe BID for their help and support.

Now you may have seen a post introducing the newest member of the TCC team. Tilly Foster has joined us as an Intern Content Designer for her university placement.

She is currently studying business and marketing at UCLan and is looking to expand her skills in social media management.

She has already produced some brilliant work by helping the team with content creation and providing a fresh perspective. Tilly has been a real asset to the team, and we are so happy to have her!

Tuesday the 8th of March marked International Women's Day 2022. As a female-led business with a majority female team, we know the value of women in the workplace.

It's important to support, raise awareness for equality and celebrate achievements so we can all collectively #breakthebias.

We have also had a wave of new clients join us in February and March! We can't wait to work with them and help take their social media to another level.

So welcome to The Consult Centre and thank you for trusting us with your online presence.

Coming up:

  • We have our very popular Essentials of LinkedIn Company course, designed to take you from beginner to pro! Step by step you are guided on designing, optimising and creating an engaging LinkedIn Company Page that will attract commercial opportunities, followers and engage your audience! Book your place here.

  • A huge thank you to everyone who has hired our meeting/training rooms and hot desking spaces. If you would like to book or find out more about our Morecambe Hire service call 01524 418 225.

The TCC Team x

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