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The Consult Centre has invited local business professionals to write a guest blog. This week, we hear from Alison Marsden from Integrating Health.

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Alison Marsden from Integrating Health.

Fitness is not just made up of flexibility, strength and stamina.

There is a fourth component, stillness.

It is great that you may be able to run a marathon or cycle 20 miles but if you are not able to be still, you can be over working your body, not allowing it time to do its cellular regeneration and reflective time. You may say that this happens during our sleep. However, a lot of us do not sleep very well and are not able to calm the mind down in preparation for good quality sleep.

Consciously deciding not to do is a valuable skill in today’s lifestyle.

The benefits could be: more focus, better quality of sleep, improved recovery times and maybe making healthier choices in your life to get you where you would really like to be.

Just like brushing your teeth, you do not say "I was busy yesterday and did not have time to brush my teeth". Also, your body will start to anticipate it and build up a store of the relaxing hormones so it makes it easier for you to be still.

What will you do to start investing in your health?

You could piggy-back it onto an existing habit to make it easier and chunk it down to a size that is achievable for you. You may like to start with two minutes or maybe 10 minutes.

Doing it regularly, at the same time, builds a habit and then you do not have to think about it or try and ‘fit it in’.

If you would like to have some help with this why not join my Stillness class on Fridays at 6pm-6.30pm online, a great way to start the weekend.

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Join my Stillness class.

Just follow this link to find out more.

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  • Greg Lambert
We were delighted to welcome Ryan and Debs from the RNLI to the office this week.
The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Ryan and Debs from the RNLI meet Marley!

They popped in to thank us for taking part in the RNLI's Mayday Mile and Marley took a shine to both of them!

The Consult Centre team got involved in the Mayday Mile because the RNLI is our chosen charity to support this year.

The Morecambe lifeboat crew of volunteers do such an amazing job all year round, answering emergency calls at all hours and in all weather, saving lives at sea.

The RNLI put out a call to action for supporters to take part in the Mayday Mile.

The idea behind the Mayday Mile was for people to raise funds for the RNLI by setting a target for the number of miles to walk, run or cycle during the first half of May.

The Consult Centre team of Ruth, Lesley, Nikki, Greg, Khaalisa, Taylor and Jacob set a target of 60 combined miles and we smashed the target!

But we are still short of our overall target of £500 sponsorship for the RNLI.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
The Consult Centre team with Ryan and Debs

This is where you can help!

If you would like to make a small donation to our Mayday Mile fundraising page, for the Morecambe lifeboat crew, please click here.

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  • Debbie Bullock

The Consult Centre has invited local business professionals to write a guest blog. This week, we hear from HR specialist Debbie Bullock

I can help you!

Tell me what people issues you are dealing with today.

This can be a one-off piece of work or we could have an ongoing HR working relationship. I can make sure you have the basics in place such as handbooks and contracts, with a HR process that works for you to support your managers with their employee case load to ensure it is dealt with efficiently and fairly to achieve the best possible outcome.

So, why work with me when there are lots of HR professionals out there?

I have a strong, knowledgeable, and up to date HR background specialising in Employment Law. My background career as an employee has given me insights into the Leisure and Tourism sectors, Education, Retail, Mail Order, Distribution and On-line industries.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Debbie Bullock

I now run my own business and work with SMEs in my local area. I appreciate how important speed of response, trust and confidence, fairness and transparency is, whilst considering the cost, commercial, financial and legal implications for the business.

I am passionate about HR and I care about people. I will always be fair and equitable, I will ask questions, I will want to understand you and your approach to your people. I want to work with you and I want your business to succeed with a happy and motivated workforce.

I am not afraid of having difficult conversations or tackling things. I will always tell you if I think your approach carries a risk and will encourage your business to become an employer of choice. I like to build sustained relationships and will encourage your team to aim for harmonious working relationships which in turn lead to a happier workforce, which in turn improves productivity and results in a successful business.

I can advise you and your managers on employee relations in line with Employment Law guidelines. I can set up your HR function, I can dip in and out and offer support/advice when you need it. I have flexible working options that can fit with you to support your business.