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What's been happening at The Consult Centre - January 2021

It's been a time of change at The Consult Centre, as the team is working from home while helping our clients to adapt to some challenging times themselves.

Speaking of challenges, we hope you all enjoyed our 'Mug Challenge' this week!
The Consult Centre, social media, Morecambe
The 'Who's Got the Best Mug' challenge!

Lesley got a lot of your votes for her 'You had me at Woof' mug on Monday.

But then Ruth's ' I survived another meeting that should have been an email' mug got plenty of support on Thursday!

For Greg and Nikki, clearly it's back to the mug drawing board, although Nikki hasn't been taking defeat lying down.

The Consult Centre, Morecambe, social media
Nikki hates losing at mug challenges!

Not only did she come up with this, which might be a future mug challenge winner...

But The Consult Centre's very own super-mum has also been home schooling her two girls (and TCC's young apprentices Gabriella and Sienna) while loading all our new Essentials social media courses online, and managing to find time for home workouts too!

The Consult Centre, Morecambe, social media
Nikki's fitness plan! Phew!

However, she admitted she was aching a bit after all of that, and looking at this list of exercises she sent us, no wonder!

There has been a lot of interviewing going on at The Consult Centre as well.

Ruth, Greg and Lesley have all been interviewing our clients, and other local businesses, for online videos promoting what they do. You may have seen some of them on our social media, and their social media too.

The Consult Centre, Morecambe, social media
Ruth interviews local web designer Ben Yates

We have also been interviewing for new roles at The Consult Centre and hope to have some more info on this soon.

And we have welcomed some new clients too!

I mentioned Ruth's Essentials social media courses, and we were delighted to see some amazing feedback on Trustpilot from people who have attended them in the past.

Thank you to Jade for this one!

The Consult Centre, social media, Morecambe
A review of Ruth's training courses

Overall, it's still a really busy time at The Consult Centre.

We are finding that with more people having to be at home, they have more time to look at social media, meaning that there has never been a better time for small businesses to promote themselves and speak to their customer base on line.

If you would like our team to help you with that, then please get in touch with us.

After all, at The Consult Centre, we're no mugs!

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