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What exactly will I get to learn and experience?

https://ecs.page.link/48ozo If you are a coach, aspiring coach or are looking to be coached this 2-day introduction to coaching with the GROW model course is designed for you. We will introduce you to the amazing world of coaching and discover how the simple application of the GROW Model (Goal, Reality, Options and Will) can help you achieve your ambitions, improve your performance and develop the foundations of a coaching business based upon a sound and proven methodology.

The days are led by our team of experienced trainers at Atlas Action and are super fun, friendly and informative. At the end of the day you’ll have a solid understanding of what coaching is, how our courses are run and how completing one could literally change your life.

Wouldn’t you just love to…

Really understand yourself and what makes you and others tick.

Learn the coaching model that has been used by top athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Identify personal and professional goals that resonate with who you really are and then nail them in a systematic coaching approach.

Build lasting and amazing relationships with like minded people, helping each other to succeed.

Access an enhanced toolkit of coaching, communication and behavioural skills.

Coach others to do the same

Why not join us on our next 2-day course and take action as the successful person you know you really are.

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