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An Update From TCC Towers

It's been a while since we've done an update from the team at TCC Towers. Since the office move, we've been settling nicely into our new home further down the prom, and although there have been no major changes, we have been busy doing what we do❗️

New chairs

Although it took 4 people to build them, the team have been loving their new comfy chairs. Adding extra comfort and boosting productivity, these chairs have definitely found their place in the office.


We have been going photoshoot crazy here in the last couple of weeks. One of which was at The Silverdale Hotel, where Ruth, Taylor and Jacob had the pleasure of meeting with Richard to help promote the restaurant. They also got to enjoy one of the best Sunday roasts they've ever had!🍲

Greenscreens & reels

Caleb has been busy filming all of the TCC reels we've been posting on our social media. The team has been roped into filming greenscreens and other weird and wonderful clips that make up our reels.🎬

Taylor's Birthday!

And last but not least, Taylor will be celebrating his 23rd birthday this Sunday, so join us in wishing him a very Happy Birthday.🥳 He's decided to start his birthday celebrations off by celebrating Star Wars Day on Saturday, followed by a lovely meal with his family.😊

In other news...

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