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On our second day of focus features on Independent Businesses of The Bay

On our second day of focus features on Independent Businesses of The Bay, we would love to introduce you to Diane, we can personally vouch for her treatments!! Read on, and remember to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE We would love to know your thoughts on Colonics North West

Hi Everyone I had my first colonic back in 1995, after suffering many years with constipation and bloating and have never looked back, or felt better! Over the years and many colonics later I had learnt so much about how the colon should work and felt it was about time to share my knowledge and experience.

I had been in the beauty industry since 1988 and In 2004 I retrained as a Colonic Therapist. By this time I had a huge pile of books on the subject, travelled to Thailand a few times to do the whole detox and fasting spa experience and bored my family and friends silly with my poo stories.

As well as still having regular colonics myself, I am continually studying and learning; whether that be from the countless digestive books I have accumulated over the years, courses and of course my clients - their stories, symptoms and response to the treatment.

The satisfaction I get from helping my clients improve their own health is so rewarding and makes it all worthwhile.

No two clients are the same so no two treatments are the same. I treat everyone as an individual with honesty and integrity. With 15 years of being in practice, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to get to the bottom of your digestive issues.

Colonic Irrigation can offer relief from a variety of conditions such as Constipation, Diarrhoea, IBS and other Digestive problems by cleansing the colon of compacted faecal waste and gas as well as improving the overall condition and health of the colon itself.

Tiredness, bloating, gas, headaches, and skin complaints are among some of the other problems people have found relieved by Colonic Irrigation.

I also treat many clients who don’t have digestive complaints as such but value the treatment as part of their own health maintenance regime.

I practice in Carnforth and Ulverston, and you can contact myself directly to discuss your own individual needs etc – I am more than happy to chat all things bowel and bottom related!

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