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Women in Leadership.

The Leadership Academy runs twice a year. This is a six month course with attendance required for a 3 hour group session, in the evening - every two weeks. Each biweekly session is designed to address different areas of learning. To develop your core personal and commercial skills. This course is suitable for: Start up owners, Women in Employment, Corporate, Government, Small Business and Women Business Owners.

Example Topics

•What is my business and how to pitch it

•How to negotiate 

•What is your sales style and how to use it 

•Confidence building 

•Networking - Why do it and how to

•Competition in business

•Funding and finance - how to 

•Creating additional revenue streams

•Managing others 

•Creating a business plan 

•What is P & L and how do I create one?

•Advertising - PR 

•Website and Social Media presence 

•What is your market and who are your audience? 

•Positioning your product and price 

•Sales Pipeline and building 

•Time management 


Important Information

•You must be able to commit to attend all sessions.

•You must be prepared to do an hour every two weeks of prep in your own time (in addition to the workshop time).

•You must be committed to making changes to succeed. 

•You must commit to supporting the others in your group.

Download the course brochure below

Advance Course Date Announcements?

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