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Yes I will bloody well walk the opposite way..

I was sat today talking to a friend that I haven’t seen for a couple of years.

As we sat and chatted about all the things we had missed out on in one another’s lives, he began to tell me about his children and his wife and how recently he had the misfortune of having to go and shop in #Ikea...I took a sharp intake of #breath and said .

“ can’t go there.. don’t like it”

I was so adamant as it came out of my mouth that I took myself by surprise.

“Why” he said, “it’s not that bad” .. he was laughing at me by this point.“It bloody is”..

“I have to walk a certain way round, the direction they tell me to and they can sod off. Every time I go I make an absolute point of walking anyway round but the “correct” way”

You may #laugh but I mean it. You see, that’s the inner me, the child like spirit that I hold on to so dearly, the spirit that doesn’t give a shit.

That’s the same part of all of us. The part that didn’t care, until someone older told us we had to care, the part of us that was totally non-conformist and all the happier for it.

That’s the part that we should #love and #nurture the most.

It’s also the part of me that can be found regularly being told off for touching the “display items”, for rearranging fridge magnets in people houses to leave offensive messages.

The part of my that touches the “do not touch button”.

The part of me that still stamps in puddles, that laughs at people who cut me up on the motorway.

But here is the thing, it is also the part of me that when someone is rude to me or bad tempered, I use “that” same part of me to look at them and think..

“ well that reaction is about you and where you are in life” not about me. It’s the part of me, that allows me to smile and think “

nope, sorry but not taking on your shit today my friend, you are welcome to keep that exactly where it belong, in your lap”

And then the #kid in me just skips off.. uncluttered, undeterred and happier .... because it’s then that I realise the only difference between me and my strength right in that moment, and them in their moment?Is that I kept listening to the little child inside of me ..

And yes this is me in #McDonald’s with ketchup cups for eyeballs.... Happy... Because I choose to be ...

And this .. this is my 10 year old #nephew.. my love #Ernie.. see ... there it is. He is embracing his inner child, because he lives his life without knowing that one day someone will try and tell him not to..Well I know who I would rather take after.. I am with Ernie’s way all the way x Title Photo credit - Photo by Senjuti Kundu

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Cherish 'our' inner child and let them them out to play........often!

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