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The Invincible Mindset - 5 keys to being resilient


The Consult Centre. Morecambe. Coaching. Mentoring. Ruth Wilkinson.
Always think big.

Life is too short to think in short time.

Always think big, look at the bigger picture and don’t get bogged down with things that will not matter tomorrow.

If you feel yourself getting stressed and anxious about something, ask yourself: “Will this matter tomorrow, next week, next month or next year?”

This technique helps you to identify challenges that are worth investing time and worry into and those that you need to take a step back from and push to one side.


Some say success means money, a promotion, early retirement, saving up for a deposit on a house or becoming CEO.

However, is success finding time for both family and work?

Is success leaving work every day feeling you have developed and are proud of what you have achieved?

What does success mean for you?

Start each day with a clear understanding of your long-term goal and don’t spend your days slaving away to achieve someone else’s idea of success.

What is it you want? How are you going to get there?


Be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and be proud.

Similarly, if something doesn’t quite go to plan then reflect and focus on identifying how best to approach that challenge in the future.

The Consult Centre. Morecambe. Coaching. Mentoring. Ruth Wilkinson.
Life is about learning and developing

We all make mistakes; they are part of learning and developing.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is how they respond to failure.

Some bounce back stronger and some are defeated.

Learn to be honest and bounce back stronger.


As Oprah Winfrey once said: "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”.

Have you ever had of those days where you go into work feeling knackered and within an hour are uplifted and ready to conquer the world due to someone around you who is positive and inspiring?

As social beings, we are naturally influenced by the attitudes of those around us.

So, surround yourself with people who encourage you to think big, strive towards your dreams and be resilient.

Top tip: Have a look at who you follow on social media. If particular accounts consistently leave you frustrated or feeling tense due to negativity, unfollow them.

Our days are full of challenges and frustrations, some of those are out of our control, others we can change.

Take the time to reflect on your day and identify where negativity comes into it then look at ways to change this pattern.


The Consult Centre. Morecambe. Coaching. Mentoring. Ruth Wilkinson.
Never give up on your goals

By looking at the bigger picture and having a clear idea of what success means to you and what you would like to achieve.

Admitting to fault and changing the plan is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of true inner strength.

Never give up on your goals. However, be open to taking different routes to get there.

Are you looking for someone to help guide you both personally and professionally?

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