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Why So Serious? How Humour Could be the Key to Social Media Success

For the longest time, businesses put on a straight face, suit & tie and spoke in industry jargon no average person would understand!

Funny humour meme diy business

But with the dawn of social media, things started to change...

Social media is called social for a reason. As the famous quote from Jay Baer goes, "Social media allows big companies to act small again."

It allowed them to show a little personality, and if they didn't, their audience just found someone else to follow.

So let's get into why humour works:

  1. Makes your brand more human

  2. Increased Reach & Engagement

  3. Shareability: potential to go viral

There are many ways to show your funny side online. The only thing we would say to watch out for is; to make sure it is appropriate, somewhat related to your business/industry, and get your tone right (based on how your audience views you).

Here are a few ways you can implement humour into your social media posts:

funny witty joke smart business

  1. Memes (either ones that are trending or make your own)

  2. Gifs (short clips usually based on shows/movies/pop culture)

  3. Jokes (the smarter, the better)

  4. Funny quotes (usually by well-known people)

  5. Quizzes, this or that, pick your fave, would you rather

Are you ready to give humour a go? It might just be the turnaround your social media profiles need! Whether it's to relate to your audience, add a bit of lightheartedness to your feed or to inform about your business in a clever way.

It's time to drop the serious act and become more human!

After all, "people buy from people." - Joel Comm

Other News:

  • If you would like to find out more about Morecambe Hire or book our meeting/training rooms or hotdesking spaces, call 01524 418 225.

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