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12 key dates for your May Social Media content calendar

We all know coming up with new content can be tricky, so we've complied some key dates coming up in May to add to your content plan!

May key dates:

  1. Star Wars Day - 4th May

  2. National Space Day - 6th May

  3. National Eat What You Want Day - 11th May

  4. World Cocktail Day - 13th May

  5. National Vegetarian Week - 16th May

  6. World Baking Day - 17th May

  7. World Bee Day - 20th May

  8. National Wine Day - 25th May

  9. International Hamburger Day - 28th May

  10. National Biscuit Day - 29th May

  11. National Creativity Day - 30th May

  12. National Smile Day - 31st May

Other news:

  • We've had a busy few weeks for Morecambe Hire! A huge thank you to everyone who has hired our meeting/training rooms and hot desking spaces. If you would like to book or find out more about our Morecambe Hire service call 01524 418 225.

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