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Who hires a life coach- Honestly ?

Who Hires Life Coaches?

Simply put, the people who hire life coaches are people that want more. They are people that desire growth in their personal or professional lives (possibly both), and they want that growth to come faster or easier. Anyone in any walk of life can hire a life coach for almost anything they want to improve upon in their lives.


You will find that many businesses have begun giving their employees access to life coaching to help them excel in their professional lives and careers. There are also many very successful business owners, CEOs, and professionals that hire a life coach to help them set goals and stay accountable so that they are able to reach that next level of productivity, efficiency or success.


Many people have begun turning to life coaches to assist them in their personal lives as well. These people can be anyone from students professionals to stay at home moms. Almost everyone has personal goals they want to meet and often, they just need the push that comes with the wisdom and encouragement from a life coach. In general, people who hire a life coach tend to be people that want the following:

  • To achieve their goals and be successful

  • To find happiness

  • To find their life purpose

  • To do what they love

  • To decide on or change their career

  • To be more confident

  • To find love or improve their relationships

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