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It's time for another Behind The Brand, brought to you by The Consult Centre!

It's time for another Behind The Brand, brought to you by The Consult Centre Today we meet Penny

Penny Thresher Corner House Coaching

Tell us a little about yourself... Moved to Morecambe from Hertfordshire in June 2017

Why did you start your business A coach helped me change my life after redundancy from a very stressful job, I wanted to do the same for other people and help them re-discover their innate wellbeing

What is your role within your business ? Chief cook and bottle washer!

Where are you based ? Morecambe but have clients locally and across the UK

What most excites you about your work? I love seeing people grow and develop, living a happier life, with less stress and anxiety. Very excited to be starting two new ventures in the autumn. When Women Speak, a group for women to share their hopes, dreams and experience. And My Mental Health Rocks - hosting workshops within every school across the UK, promoting wellbeing, resilience and raising awareness of our innate mental health.

Describe your best day in business so far. The day a stranger said to me “Oh! You’re Penny from The Corner House! I follow all your posts!” It was a turning point

What has been your biggest business challenge to date? Starting a new business in a new area where I did not know many people. I needn’t have worried, Morecambe is the friendliest place!

If you had to go on a desert island for a month - name the 4 items you would take The stack of books by my bed that I have not had time to read (is that cheating?)

An Ipod loaded with all my favourite music, Paper and pens to get on with the book I have started writing A bottle of my doTERRA Frankincense essential oil

What do you love most about the bay area? The people, the views, the sunsets. The buzz on a sunny day on Morecambe promenade

Your one piece of advice to fellow business owners? Be passionate and persevere

Pet peeves... I cannot bear people being unkind or cruel.

How to get in touch... www.cornerhousecoaching.co.uk penny@cornerhousecoaching.co.uk 07771 896670

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