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It's DAY 23 and time to get healthy !

Hi I'm Tina, I'm a Level 4 Specialist Trainer in Obesity & Diabetes. I started my fitness and weight loss journey 4 years as you can see from the pictures I was overweight and suffering with lots of issues from being overweight. I had tried every diet under the sun and then some, nothing had worked long term. I hadn't learnt anything. I hated exercise, was too embarrassed to go to the gym but secretly always wanted to do exercise classes that looked fun. After a whiplash injury 10 years ago I was still suffering with pain in my neck and my future looked bleak. I was getting more and more depressed and more overweight. One day my husband asked me to look at a new gym with him and to cut a long story short, I met a trainer who listened to me and took on board everything I told him. I joined. I fell in love with exercise and after 5 weeks with a trainer I was pain free from my injury. I then researched lots of information on how to lose weight and 9 months later I had dropped 4 dress sizes. I then decided that I wanted to give someone what my trainer gave to me, my life back. And then.. I studied for all my fitness qualifications and continue to study to keep my training fresh. I believe fitness should be fun, and at our studio that's exactly what we do. My husband and I run the studio ourselves and have helped many get fit and lose weight and get the bodies they are comfortable with. We give them confidence to try things that they never thought possible. We give them a purpose and a fitness family. Our studio is a friendly environment where we enjoy working out together and listen to what our members want and need. Recently we opened our new gym suite that our members can use as part of their membership and offer personal training sessions along with a personalised gym plan for you to work on. Our classes include Boogie Bounce, Pound, Pilates, Zumba, Strength Training, Boxercise, Circuits and coming shortly Transform 20 by the creator Shaun T of Insanity. Our membership is just £25.50 a month including gym use and unlimited classes. Personal training starts from as little as £15 a session. We also offer healthy weight loss plans from our partner company from as little as £15 one off payment. If you'd like to come and try us free for a week contact me. 07455124160 tinalynch65@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/tflfitness

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