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  • Ruth Wilkinson Owner

Are you ready to be your Brand?

As everything becomes #digitised, who is going to stand out and why?

It seems like an obvious #question, but the #answer is not as obvious as you may think.

Our world is now full of content, our #information is delivered to us.

Our #consumption of #products, or #services, of #news, of #views, of #politics is lazier than ever.

We can have anything, at any time, we can visit where we want, we can buy what we want.

Services we #provide our #clients no longer allow us to stand out.

In a world where our lives are ruled by #technology, we are now searching as consumers for human contact via the #technological delivery route.

As a consumer we want to buy from someone, a #human, a person with a #personality we can relate to.

But we want to do it on our terms, in our #own time, in our own #home, 24 hours a day.

So where are you in your brand offering, where is your personality in your company?

Can your customer relate to you at 2am in the morning when he or she is surfing the net?

If you are not on there, in #video format staking your #claim, how are you giving the #potential #consumer the chance to make an informed #decision on #purchasing your #product over your #competitors

Ruth Wilkinson