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7 ways to use Facebook for business success

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. The social media giant is the most popular website in the world for a reason. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users and almost 50% of those people log on to Facebook every day.

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How can you use Facebook effectively?
That's a lot of potential customers!

But how can you get them to your page? Here are 7 ways to use Facebook for business success:

1) Facebook pages

Facebook pages are the best Facebook feature for your business. They give you an area to post updates, plan events, respond to comments and questions, and offer special discounts or promotions.

Facebook offers two other options for business usage: fan pages and Facebook groups.

Fan pages are good if you're trying to reach a larger audience than your personal Facebook profile can offer. They allow you to take advantage of Facebook's incredible advertising system (which I'll discuss later).

2) Engaging posts

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Get your audience's attention!

Engaging posts are a great way to encourage your Facebook followers to comment, like, and share your post. Facebook allows you to choose how many Facebook users can respond to your post with a single reaction.

You can have just one option for commenting or allow more. Facebook engagement is the key to business success on Facebook.

If you want people to see your page and interact with it, you need them to engage with your posts!

3) Optimising your posts

A relatively new feature of Facebook is the ability to optimise posts for increased reach. Facebook claims that by optimising your post you'll be able to increase the number of people who see it by up to 10x!

Optimising a post makes sure that Facebook users who haven't liked or followed you won't miss out on any of your content.

4) Facebook ads

Facebook ads are Facebook's advertising option. The platform only allows promoted posts to show up in the news feeds of users who meet your targeting criteria, which is determined by Facebook's algorithm based on user data and Facebook's own interests.

Facebook Ads can be an effective way to promote your business, however, it takes some skill to get them right. Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach your audience and get them engaged with your Facebook business page!

5) Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the platform's third business option. They provide a way to connect with Facebook users who share your interests. Facebook groups can be organised by any group features, such as geography, gender and age. Facebook groups provide a sense of community to your followers and give them a space to communicate with one another about the interests that matter to them most.

Facebook groups are a great way to get your followers more engaged with your page!
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Facebook Events are worth using!

6) Facebook events

Events are Facebook's last business option. They provide a way to organise users who want to participate in an event. Facebook events are a great way to organise your followers and offer them a space to communicate about their interest in the event that interests them most.

And events make Facebook a more interactive platform for your followers!

7) Facebook Messenger bots

Facebook now offers Facebook Messenger Bots. They allow page owners to interact with followers and fans more easily. Facebook Messenger Bots also offer the opportunity for page owners to answer customer questions, send automated messages, poll followers and much more.

The five benefits of messenger bots are improved customer service, increased signups, easier messaging, new business opportunities and getting featured on the Explore section of Facebook.


Facebook is an excellent resource for business owners looking to grow their following and drive more revenue. Facebook offers a range of features that can help you reach your target audience and get them engaged with your page!

Pages, engaging posts, ads, groups, events and messenger bots are all great ways to use the power of social media marketing in order to outpace your competition.

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We are here to help!
If any of these tools sound confusing or overwhelming - don't worry! Our team at The Consult Centre has experience using each one individually as well as together in order to create successful digital marketing strategies.

Contact The Consult Centre today if you want to learn more about what we do!


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