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Leadership Academy for Business Owners.


This is a six month course with attendance required for a 3 hour group session, in the evening - every two weeks.

Each biweekly session is designed to address different areas of learning. 

To develop your core personal and commercial skills. 


This course is suitable for: Start up owners, Women in Employment, Corporate, Government, Small Business and Women Business Owners.


Face to Face - Option – Delivered at Morecambe.

On-Line Live with our Tutor – Delivered via Facebook Groups and Live Video Conferencing 3-hour session per fortnight - delivered live. FREE


  • What is my business and how to pitch it

  • How to negotiate 

  • What is your sales style and how to use it 

  • Confidence building 

  • Networking - Why do it and how to

  • Competition in business

  • Funding and finance - how to 

  • Creating additional revenue streams

  • Managing others Creating a business plan 

  • What is P & L and how do I create one?

  • Advertising - PR 

  • Website and Social Media presence 

  • What is your market and who are your audience? 

  • Positioning your product and price 

  • Sales Pipeline and building 

  • Time management 

Learning Outcome

Managing your business to increase revenues, create fans not customers, increasing your brand awareness, improving your financing and turn over.


This course is suitable for: Start up owners, Small Business and Business Owners.

Download the course brochure below

Learn & develop your skills within a supportive, positive classroom environment.

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