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This course is designed to take you from beginner to Instagram success, step by step you are guided on design, optimise and create an engaging Instagram profile that will attract followers and engage your audience.



Face to Face -This one-day course is designed for all those wishing to maximise their business with the Power of Instagram. 

On-Line Live with our Tutor – This 5-session course is delivered live over 5 days in one-hour sessions.

Instant Course -access the course instantly on our online courses tab watching tutorials of all 5 modules. 




  • What Instagram is and how it works.

  • How people use Instagram.

  • How businesses are now using Instagram.

  • How to gain followers and keep them.  

  • How to create an engaging Instagram profile. 

  • How to take photos and post them correctly. 

  • How to use Hashtags

  • Which Hashtags to use

  • How to Effectively use Instagram photos and create sales conversion. 

  • How to Harness Instagram photos for other social networks.


Learning Outcome 

Ability to build and target customer audience, improve awareness, gain engagement, convert followers to a buyer community.

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