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Realising Your Value.


Too many business owners don’t know the value of their own skill, expertise or product. Often giving away their product, services or time for far too little.



Face to Face -This 3 hour course is designed for all those wishing to maximise their profile with the your channel on YouTube.

On-Line Live with our Tutor – This 3-session course is delivered live over 3 days in 90-minute sessions. 

Instant Course -access the course instantly on our online courses tab watching tutorials of all 3 modules.



  • Being confident in deciding your value as a professional and or in your product, can be a challenge when starting out in your business. 

  • Many business owners sell their service, time or product too cheaply or discount. Often, they are almost apologetic for the price! Falling into the trap of reducing their pricing and free giveaways, these become the way in which sales are made.

  • This 3-hour workshop will develop you in the methods and confidence to recognise your value and enable you to state it confidently. 


Learning Outcome 

Understanding your value, your brand and your commercial worth. Building your confidence to charge what you are worth and begin seeing a return for all your hard work.

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