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Private Coaching.

Your 1-2-1 Coaching session is totally confidential and takes place in a private setting. Your session will be with a Business Coach, who has over 22 years of experience.

Who would benefit from these Coaching Sessions?

Whether you are starting out in business or established. 

Whether you're currently within a larger business and require career development, or perhaps you need some personal coaching to achieve goals and improve confidence. 

Coaching sessions can take place in our private consulting suites in Morecambe, or by telephone or Skype video. 


Personal, Career or Business Coaching can be carried out to suit your needs and availability.

If you are a business owner with premises and would like us to assess and review your business as part of your ongoing business coaching, we can of course come to you.

So what should you expect from a coaching relationship?



Whether that is growth in you as an individual, in your capability, in your prospective career, personal life and or employment or in your business. Expert coaches guarantee growth, and The Consult Centre absolutely guarantees it. 


We acknowledge that investing in coaching is a commitment, both financially and in your time, we will match your commitment with our expertise and experience.


At The Consult Centre we place huge importance in coaching. When signing up for coaching, you must be absolutely sure you are able to dedicate the time needed. This would be a minimum of the 1 hour a week for the session itself, plus at least 1 hour as your Homework.


The additional "homework" hour is imperative, to maximise these powerful sessions. 

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