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What's been happening at The Consult Centre

This week at The Consult Centre, it's been really busy and challenging as we continue to adapt to the Lockdown Part 2.

First of all, we were delighted to welcome some new clients and are looking forward to getting started on helping them to promote their fantastic brands.

There was also another big success this week - as Marley had a play on the beach and for the first time, learned the 'recall' command so now he comes back whenever he's called!

The Consult Centre Morecambe socialmedia
Marley having a well deserved nap!

Although Marley is 'The Boss' and very much has a mind of his own, this is a major step forward!

(It clearly tired the little fella out, though, bless him...)

As for the rest of the team...

Ruth has been hard at work training and coaching.

Greg has been writing blogs and even an article for a new magazine for metal detector enthusiasts (yes, really! more details soon).

Nikki has been looking after the important bits and pieces that keep The Consult Centre ticking along while bragging that it's her birthday on Monday (all pressies welcome!)

And Lesley has been her usual fabulous self!

But it was also an emotional and sombre week, as we remembered the brave men and women who have served and lost their lives in conflict.

We produced a number of remembrance posts for our clients and also for The Consult Centre, to honour the fallen.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media

It was a reminder to us all of the immense sacrifice they made for our way of life.

And as today is World Kindness Day, it also puts life into perspective...

...because it's far too short for anything other than being good to each other.
The Consult Centre Morecambe social media


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