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What are you proud of today?

What are you proud of today?

The girl on the right was enjoying a drink 5 years ago today with an old friend in France. Working 14 hours a day for a large corporate business, travelling 120 miles a day every day, I loved that job, and I loved the people I worked with, they taught me a lot, and I hold the greatest of respect for them all.

The girl on the left, well let's be honest.. the older woman on the left, is today, 5 years later, looking back now to the point on that holiday, when I took the decision the girl on the right hadn't felt brave enough to make before then.

That drink in my hand was a promise to myself I would stick to that decision. I would start my own business.

And while it has produced a few more pounds, a few more grey hairs, I made the right decision. I worked and continue to work my little pop socks off. Encouraged by my family and my friends and my colleagues from my old job. I created a business I am very very proud of.

I created a company which is honest, helpful, kind and supportive. A business that supports its local community provides help and advice and encourages others to take the brave step I did. But of course, I didn't do it alone, and I didn't do it without hassle, cock-ups and hard work. And yes I still work silly hours, but I work those hours with purpose.

My purpose, with the vision our team has helped create, as they matched my commitment with their hard work and their determination. I am blessed to have an incredible team to work with.

I am blessed to have wonderful clients that support us and encourage us. And most importantly. I still rock the red hair hankie!

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