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Tier we go again...but we can help!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Lockdowns, Tiers, complex ever-changing guidance and regulations...

Yes, 2020 has at times, been a minefield of information and a series of unprecedented challenges for small businesses to tackle.

The team at The Consult Centre knows only too well how many obstacles you, as a small business owner have had to overcome this year. We've had to overcome them too!

And today, small business owners woke up once again to even more changes and uncertainty, and on the last day of the year as well.

For many, it's quite literally New Tier's Eve.
The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
2021 is a chance for a fresh start on social media

You're probably at the end of your tether with it all. Understandable!

But don't worry, because tomorrow is a new year, and a time for resolutions, out with the old and in with the new, and an opportunity to turn negatives into positives.

This is something The Consult Centre excels at.

Don't panic and don't worry. Help is at hand!

Now, more than ever, is the time that your customers need to hear from you.

Your clients are spending more time at home than ever before, and using to search for information, to keep them entertained, and to connect with the outside world.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Staying connected while at home

We at The Consult Centre can be your online voice. We can tell your customers what they need to know about your business during these challenging times.

Are you closed? Are you open? What Covid measures do you have in place to keep your clients safe? What services are you still providing? What are your plans for the future? What new initiatives do you have in place? What are your team members doing?

If you have been forced to close due to the Tiered system, now is not the time to go silent on social media. Quite the opposite.

It's the perfect time to remind your clients that you are still there for them, so they don't forget you and that you need them more than ever before!

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
The Consult Centre team can help you!

Through informative and imaginative posts, high quality creative designs tailored to deliver your specific message, and videos to communicate the information you need to provide, we can be that link between you and your audience.

Don't ever feel like you're alone, either. There are so many business professionals not necessarily in the same boat - because right now we're all in different boats in the same storm (thanks to our Lesley for that one!) - but who are going through this same period of confusion and worry.

Our monthly Relaxed Networking Events are a chance to meet like-minded people in an informal Zoom setting, make new contacts, get your feelings off your chest with colleagues who will understand only too well, and give your business the boost it needs by making the connections for your future.

Book here

So if you run a small business, it might be a time for Tiers, but certainly not one for tears.

Instead it's time to seize 2021 by the horns and embrace social media as the ultimate way to keep your business in the hearts and minds of

the people who matter most - your customers!

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media


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