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"There's always a highlight in every conversation..."

In this week's blog we caught up with Ruth to find out all about The Consult Centre podcast!

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The Consult Centre Podcast

The podcast hasn't been going very long but is already making its mark in the small business world.

Ruth explained why she decided to launch the podcast.

"There wasn't really a locally focussed podcast on local businesses," she said.

"There are some businesses doing some amazing things, not just in their business, but for the wider community.

"And they don't often get the opportunity to tell their stories and get that exposure.

"The great thing about a podcast is that it's a way of connecting to people on lots of different levels, and the consumer can listen in at a time that's convenient for them."

The Consult Centre Podcast has been so successful that we are getting guests from around the UK, even overseas!

The podcast has featured Andrew from Wild View Retreat in Portugal, as well as local business owners including Matt Jackson from Lancaster Brewery , Tarnia and Annabel from TP Financial Solutions, Jacob from Zebra Electrical, Nicola Combe from Morecambe Bay Wills & Estates , Ben Yates from BY Design , Catherine Hunt from Prime Wellbeing Foundation, Sally Wilkinson and many many more.

"It's also about people who have seen it and done it, sharing their experiences in their business, to help others," said Ruth.

"And there's always a highlight, in every conversation.

"We had Dominic Mellonie, the head of HR from Motorsport Network. He told me a story about how he nearly became an MI5 agent, and how he once mistook an MI5 agent for an air conditioning repair man!"

There are more fun and interesting stories to come on The Consult Centre Podcast in the upcoming weeks too.

And if you run a small business, we would love to hear your story too!

If you would like to appear on our podcast, please contact us at The Consult Centre; email enquiries@theconsultcentre.com

How to listen to The Consult Centre Podcast:


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