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The sixth day of our feature on Independent Businesses on The Bay, we wanted to introduce you to..

Anne is based in Morecambe just two minutes walk from the prom. Anne has one main aim, to help heal the body in the shortest possible time, and whilst Anne is an advanced clinic massage therapist, and began her career in the nursing field, that is only half of the story. With over 18 years of skills and experience, one of the highest qualified therapists in the area, there is a lot more to the approach Anne takes. Having studied extensively, Anne brings further expertise to her approach to pain reduction. Best described as "listening to the body" through her expertise. Anne has a range of skills to bring, and no one client is treated the same, because Anne believes no one body is the same. Anne works on such things as releasing trauma from the body, working on scars within the body. Through assessment and consultation, Anne is able to assess the body, and "listen" enabling her to understand the treatments that the body best needs. Whether that is working much deeper in the body, using the lightest of touch therapies, or using CranioSacral Therapy, or bone work, Anne works with you as a client, and focuses on listening to what your body needs and creating a safe space for the body to begin to heal. We can't recommend Anne highly enough, and while we knew she would never shout about her skills, we thought we would do it for her as a surprise ! Anne Taylor | Morecambe | Home https://www.annetaylormorecambe.com/ 33 Victoria Street Morecambe LA4 4AF Call Anne: 07525 448771 Qualifications Anne Taylor, Morecambe Over her career Anne has trained extensively:

Level 3 Diploma Sports Therapy

The Football Association Basic Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury

The Football Association Intermediate Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury

Active Health Group Level 5 Diploma in Sports Therapy

Jenny Burrell- Pregnancy and Post-Natal Remedial Massage

Jing Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release

Jing Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy

Jing Certificate Level 6 BTEC Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Therapy (of which there are only 100 qualified practitioners in the UK)

Sharon Wheelan’s Scarwork

College of CranioSacral Therapy- Diploma in CranioSacral Therapy

Sharon Wheeler’s Bonework

Certificate Hot Stones

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