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The.Consult Centre. Social.Media.Sale

The.Consult Centre.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

— Steuart H Britt 

It's the social media sale from The Consult Centre. No gimmicks. No nonsense. Just an offer

We will run your social media for 4 months for £450. 

That includes, One month FREE  & Three months at £150 a month, that 60% discounted 

We know it can be hard work.

So many platforms, so many options and in the end, you post nothing, or something just quickly to make an appearance.

Hand it over to us, we do the strategy, the content, the graphic's, even the photos.

But we have!

We have time to dedicate to your business, to raising awareness, improving your brand, targeting your customers, creating professional and eye catching social media and blog content.  Facebook Pro's, Google Pro's, Wix arena, Instagram Certified..

We take our work seriously.

Yep, we hear it all the time. 

"running out of ideas"  "I'm going to post regularly next week, promise" " I am busy at the moment, I don't need to advertise"  And then.... nothing much happens.. 

We work on your behalf, we do it regularly, we do it properly and we tell the story of your business

In that case, take us up on our offer.. One month of Social Media Management for free...

Yep Free.. 

And then the next three at less than 60%  We will run your social media for free for one month.. Buy 3 months of work..

You get FOUR months of Social Media Management. 

For just £450,

Paid monthly,

£150 a month..

Then don't ... We will work with you for 4 months. 

There is no obligation to renew

No contract after 3 months

No hidden terms and conditions 

Just professional services as promised.

Bonus Offer (included) We'll review and optimise all of your current profiles on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter or we will build them for you!

Media Package includes...

10 x Facebook posts a month

10 x Twitter posts a month

 10 x Instagram (or LinkedIn ) posts a month

10 x Google My Business posts 

10 x posts into local consumer and business groups

2 x Blog posts 

Creation of graphics & photo posts for use on media platforms

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