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Such kind words in this testimonial from Sally Wilkinson.

Such kind words in this testimonial from Sally Wilkinson. I recommend you check out Sally's membership site too, it is amazing, check the link at the bottom of this testimonial! "I have worked with Ruth In many different capacities. I started on her free courses which were always great. I learnt a lot and her patience and willingness to explain things made me want to work with her more. I love her social media courses..and although I like to think I am quite good on Facebook..she never fails to amaze me with her nuggets of knowledge that really do make my life easier and save invaluable time. I signed up to her first Academy and it was fantastic. The value you get is incredible and is an absolute no brainer for someone in business. Ruth comes at you from all angles, with caring and compassion but with an absolute desire for you to want to get the best out of your own business. The amount of different topics on the academy really does cover ALL aspects of running a business. Oh, and its a great laugh and you really do make some great friends too. I started to see Ruth on a one to one basis and that is when my business really started to progress. Ruth was instrumental in helping me set up my online monthly membership site. She worked tirelessly with Stephen to make sure everything was right for the launch date. Ruth really does know how to get the best out of you..she has this knack of knowing when to push and knowing when to be gentle, and she has had to deploy that skill with me on many an occasion! I continue to see Ruth on a regular one to one basis..she is worth every penny and it's lovely having someone who has taken the time to really understand your business and more importantly the people who it serves...that way, she truly does bring out the best in me." https://thesallywilkinson.com/

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