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On our 7th day of Independent Business on The Bay we feature Helen Harvey.

Helen is a child and adolescent therapist, specialising in trauma, resilience and anxiety, is based in Morecambe, and has clinics in Lancaster & Morecambe.

Helen is the author of the blog Talking To Teenagers which is voted in the top 30 of parenting blogs worldwide and the book of the same name "Talking to Teenagers" and also runs Trauma information workshops, anxiety workshops and works one on one with her clients.

Helen is an RNLI volunteer too..

Helen is passionate about mental health and well being, and can often be found assisting parents, schools and organisations with talks and workshops to help them in working with young children and young adults.

Helen's workshops can be found on Eventbritehttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/talking-to-teenagers-1678894… Helen's Blog - http://helenharveycounselling.blogspot.com/ Helen's Facebook Page -https://www.facebook.com/TalkingToTeenagers/ Helen's book - Talking to Teenagers: is available on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Talking-Teenagers-teenagers-lan…/…/ Providing guidance, advice and understanding on relating to preteens and teenagers. Covering such issues as... Advice on school related issues, GCSE's, starting secondary school, homework completion. Advice on how to improve your relationship with your teenager. family routines, building self esteem in your teenager. How to maintain a healthy partnership/relationship whilst dealing with teenage stress. Self care as a parent, teenagers sleep and the teenagers brain. It also offers advice on cannabis use, friendship issues and how to develop a better honest connection with your teenager. Voted as one of the best parenting guides for it's simple and easy language. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Talking-Teenagers-teenagers-lan…/…/

"What a useful book. Well written, very knowledgeable and so insightful. An essential piece of reading if you have a preteen or teenagers. The areas covered are so informative, whether it’s a conversation suggestion or better way to approach a situation, this book has the answers. The qualifications and expertise of the author are apparent throughout. Would most definitely recommend"

"I have a troubled teenager. Giving back her confidence and helping me open up ways to communicate with her was my purpose when I bought this book. We are talking with each other in a more positive way. The book has been a great help."

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