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It's our last day of Independent Businesses of The Bay !

We would love you to meet Rachael Jackson

Bespoke Day care is a professional companionship service run by trusted people, that assists people in continuing living life as they want to.

Bespoke Day care was set up this year after I left the police force after 16 years as a detective sergeant working with vulnerable adults alongside multi-agencies. My husband has a residential care home whom I have worked alongside with over the last 5 years. Combining these 2 careers I saw so many people trying to keep their independence in later years and end up isolating themselves becoming lonely as they do not want to permanently go into a care facility. I saw people struggling to look after partners at home having no respite and putting them into a day care centre. People lose their freedom and confidence if they do not have the ability to transport themselves to places. These facilities are fabulous in their own way but there was nothing out there where people could have one to one support and choose what and where they would like to go, and therefore maintaining their independence, motivation, enrichment and links with the community groups that they have previously been part of and contributed to.

So from trips to the garden centre for lunch, hospital appointment, theatre trips, transport to community groups anything is possible. I can do evening appointments if a slot is available.

I am also able to transport a wheelchair and packages can include couples as well as single people.

I cover Lancaster and the bay areas.

I am currently a small bespoke service with a view to expand. I have always loved working alongside people and providing a quality level of service that improves their quality of life.

I am first aid trained, fully insured, DBS checked healthcare qualifications, especially in dementia and Alzheimer’s and the elderly.

I have lots of experience in working with people with mental health and social care ,health professionals and agencies through my career in the police.

I coordinate the busy itinerary of activities that happen on a daily basis at my husbands residential home, so have been actively involved in taking the residents out to the community hubs and experiences in managing taking up to 3 residents out on trips. Rachael Jackson


rachaeljackson@bespokedaycare.com http://www.bespokedaycare.com

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