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Humour on social media - the dos and don'ts

Let's face it, we all need a good laugh right now.

So in these troubled times, it's little wonder that funny social media posts, photos, GIFs and memes are the ones going viral.

Who didn't laugh out loud at the hilarious local parish council meeting which turned Jackie Weaver and the catchphrase "You have no authority here!" into an overnight sensation?
The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
The Texas lawyer as a cat went viral!

Or the clip of the Texas lawyer trapped in a cat filter on Zoom?

We're not saying that these posts were exactly the best for enhancing the business reputations of the people involved! But they are definitely an example of what floats our boat as social media consumers.

We all like a good giggle, and the weird, wacky and witty of the world can definitely lift our spirits.

The law and local government aren't always seen as the most light-hearted of professions. And you too may think your own business social media isn't the right place for joking around. But that's absolutely not the case, if you do it right.

A Monday morning post with a funny gag or a silly meme will raise more of a reaction from your audience than a stuffy sales pitch. It will also show your customers that you're human.

If you can find a Monday post with a cute baby in it as well, then you could be on to a winner.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
The Monday baby blues!

Not that this will work for everyone. You need to find the right kind of humour to suit the persona of your business.

For example, the above post can work wonders if you run a pub.

But if you're in the corporate world with a packed Monday full of meetings with clients, this kind of post is best avoided!

There are other pitfalls to watch out for when using humour for business social media. While being funny can lead to more likes, shares, and comments, it can also backfire.

Think before you post!

Avoid trying to be witty about:






And don't ever ridicule any group of people - ESPECIALLY clients.

In fact, funny posts containing strong opinions on just about anything need careful thought. There will always be somebody who disagrees with you, and they could be a valued client or a potential customer.

Your business social media page might not be the best place to make fun of your favourite football team's biggest rival, for example - as you will immediately turn off everybody who supports that club!

Even taking a pop at Father Christmas can go wrong, as The UPS Store found out here...

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Bah humbug

(This tweet was soon deleted after complaints by parents.)

We at The Consult Centre like to inject a little fun into our posts. This one about us showing off our favourite mugs on a Zoom call got a great response.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Lesley and Ruth's mugs in particular raised a laugh!

And this one got a few laugh emojis too.

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Something fishy on Morecambe prom!

But don't go overboard (unlike the giant fish). There is such a thing as overdoing the funny posts. Don't neglect the promotion of your business at the expense of being comical all the time - a good mix of content is key.

So when used correctly, humour can be a fantastic social media tool for your business. But it can also go wrong. It's always best to run a funny idea past a colleague before posting.

When it goes spectacularly right, you can do hilarious things like stick baked beans on your Weetabix, and you can get...

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
This went viral and led to some hilarious replies

...which led to...

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media
Specsavers' response

..and even...

The Consult Centre Morecambe social media

...which is where we came in.

Happy funny posting everyone!


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