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Healthy ways to support someone who has suffered trauma.

Healthy ways to support someone who has suffered trauma.


It is hard to know how to support someone who has been through either sexual, physical or emotional abuse?

Do you live with someone who is experiencing PTSD?

Do you live with someone or are you in a relationship with someone who has experienced trauma?You may be asking yourself the following “Is what I am saying right, am I just making things worse?”“Why do we repeat cycles that are clearly not good for us?” “Why do we never resolve the bigger issues like intimacy, connection or maybe addiction”“Why does he/she seem distant and disconnected? “Why do things get out of hand so quickly?” It may be that you feel there is always a risk of suicide and self-harm and you would like to know the best way to manage this. This talk will inform you about the body and the brain when trauma is experienced and it will also teach you practical ways in which you can support and offer loving presence to the person in distress.To understand how to do this it is essential that you know about the body and brain connection when trauma is experienced.Hosted by The Consult Centre Get your tickets here: https://ecs.page.link/7UVHX

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