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Get Personal: Why YOU Need to be on your Social Media

As a business owner, it's natural to want to shout about your products/services to let people know that that's what you do. However, it's easy to revert to over-promoting, and your social media posts almost becoming like ads (but just without the money to work like one!)🤷‍♀️

That's why we are total advocates for getting personal on social media. You are your business, not the other way around! People want to interact with people, be SOCIAL and see who it is they're dealing with before they pick up the phone to find out themselves.😊

So we're sharing some of our most personal, funny and impactful posts that are not 'salesy' in the slightest so you can get an idea of how this strategy can work for your business.👍

1) A bit of 'personal promo'

2) Some 'Monday motivation'

3) Stick in a meme or two

4) Celebrate the team

5) What do your customers/clients say?

And if you should need any more help with your social media, just give us a call😉.

Call: 01524 418225


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