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Do you need help with the Basics?

" I don't even know how to share a post, or copy my page into other groups, let alone all the clever stuff you teach, don't understand Facebook, so I'll never "get it"😱😱

This was a conversation from a lady today who called for help and said her Facebook knowledge was probably "too basic" for us to help her.

🤔Does the above sound familiar?

The Consult Centre Ltd doesn't want to see anyone struggle. So if you would like to master the "basics" of Facebook, or know someone who would benefit and would like our help, comment below, and share this post with them or tag them or if you are shy send a message. We will happily😀 set up an on line tutorial group to help even the greatest of technophobes get their businesses noticed with Facebook. We can provide free weekly help sessions to anyone who needs us,

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