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Bored of the same old everything? Co-work with Morecambe Hire

Bored of the same view? The same desk chair? The same old everything? Why not have a change of scenery and come and work with us at The Consult Centre?

There is Life after Lockdown and The Team here at the Consult Centre are excited to welcome back both our old and new clients.

What is the date we hear you ask? 1st July, we will be ready and waiting for you.

Please don’t be offended that we won’t be greeting you with our usual hugs or handshakes but see our smiles and know we are glad to welcome you back. Your safety is paramount, as is that of our staff, our entrances, hot-desking areas, meeting rooms, offices, toilets and kitchen areas have all undergone deep cleaning and this is something we will do every day and after each use of those areas. Before you enter our office we will have hand sanitiser units in place for you to use, we ask you all to use it before you enter, you will then see our social distancing stickers guiding you to the areas you would like to get to and to help everyone keep safe distances apart. We will have a one-way system in operation. We will still have refreshments available, so we can all get our caffeine or decaf fix, we will be using disposable cups and refillable water earns.

Don't limit your imagination to the inspiration that comes from your four office walls. Branch out and invest in yourself and your business. Work somewhere that lives and breathes productivity, creativity, and imagination!

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