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The  "I am scared to death of networking, can't stand it, I'm no good at it, doesn't work anyway" Networking Event.

Let's be honest not many people like to go to a network event if it is something that you aren't use to.

The standing up, the introducing yourself, the not knowing anyone. We are doing an event with a difference.


As business professionals who work putting people together that do business, we wanted to create a meeting where people could come, and be introduced to one or two people by a facilitator.


Someone who already knows who else you would like to meet, and does the introduction for you, and allows you to chat in a one to one or a group of no more than 3 people. You do not need a sales pitch, you do not need an intro, you don't need to sell. You don't even have to give your business cards out. You don't even need to tell anyone about what you do. All of that is done for you. All you have to do, is come along, and let someone else introduce you with a kind smile and guidance. Allowing you to build your confidence in small groups.


You can pop along for 5 mins, for 30 mins or stay for the full duration. There is no formal start and no formal end. No panic, No going red, No getting tongue tied. 


We will also help with some free hints and tips training each meeting. So even if you pop along for the training on such things as, getting financial help, applying for a loan, how to do Social Media, how to create a logo, a brochure, how to find new business opportunities. 


This is an event for everyone who knows they want or should do networking but they just don't like the idea of it.

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