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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a massage?

Finish eating 90 minutes before a massage or bodywork. If it is your first visit, please print and fill out our Intake Form before your first appointment.

What about my privacy?

During a massage with lotion, all clients are always carefully draped conservatively.

What should I do after the massage?

Drink at least two cups of water following a massage. Water is needed to cleanse released toxins.

Can I get a massage if I don’t feel well?

No, sickness may be contagious. I use a NO-Touch Thermometer before the session. No massage will take place when a fever is present. If you are not sure you should come, or if you do not feel well, please call or text as soon as possible.

What’s your payment/refund policy?

We accept cash, check or charge, and we also accept various online payment services such as Cash App and Venmo. No refunds are provided on received services rendered.

Should I tip?

15-20% is customary for excellent service. Though not required, it is appreciated! If unable to, we understand, and would rather have your business than not see you at all.

What if I am running late or must reschedule?

All sessions MUST end on time for the next appointment, so please arrive early. This means if you are late, you will have a shorter massage. If you must reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours before your appointment. A $25 Short-Notice Fee for schedule changes within 24 hours may apply.