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Interview Skills.


Interviewing skills are essential for job hunters. Imagine walking into every job interview knowing that you are going to come across your very best! Imagine getting your dream job! You will be excellent at job interviewing skills.



Face to Face -. A 5 hour workshop.

On-Line Live with our Tutor – This 5-hour course is delivered live across 3 days, each session 1 hour 40 minutes.

Instant Course -access the course instantly on our online courses tab watching tutorials of all 3 module.



  • Doing your research

  • Preparing additional information

  • Constructing a body of examples to leave with your interviewer

  • What employers look for

  • Preparing for interview questions

  • Different questioning techniques you need to be prepared for

  • Selecting relevant experience examples

  • Structuring your responses

  • What to include in your answers

  • Making it about you and not "WE"

  • Additional questions

  • What do you ask

  • Feedback - when to ask

Learning Outcome

Confidence in preparing for, attending and giving the best account of you. Providing you with confidence to succeed.

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