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Build, Launch a Successful and Engaged Facebook Membership Group


This is a complete course on creating Facebook groups. In this course you will learn to build a group both technically in Facebook, things such as curate content, design posts, create subjects, tasks, add downloadable documents, more importantly how to attract members, keep them, engage them and work to create subscription models. 



Face to Face - This one-day course is designed for all those wishing to maximise their profile with the your own Facebook Group.

On-Line Live with our Tutor – This 3-session course is delivered live over 3 days in 90-minute sessions.

Instant Course - access the course instantly on our online courses tab watching tutorials of all 3 modules.


  • Build your Facebook groups and generate engagement

  • Scale your Facebook pages & groups quickly without spending any money on advertising

  • Build a community with a lot of engagement to which you can sell products

  • Master the art of creating & branding products that are of interest for your following

  • Learn the correct content to post

  • When to post 

  • How to run and admin a group to maximise a paid subscription or community


Learning Outcome 

You will learn to create a strong, engaged and responsive group, building your own profitable Facebook group that you can manage from your laptop or tablet. 

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