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Coaching Supervision.

Taking place either Face to Face, on the Telephone or via Video. 


What is Coaching Supervision?
Supervision is for you as a practicing coach and other practitioners at all stages of their development. The focus and nature of supervision may change depending on the experience and level of your skill as a practicing coach, but the need for supervision does not diminish with experience as a coach. We all have blind spots, and we all have the capacity to be caught up in unconscious dynamics with our clients/ coachee’s.

How Often Should I Have Supervision?
This partly depends on how much coaching you are doing and also your experience as a coach. A guide would be to access some form of supported reflective activity at least every 4-6 weeks. If you have more client work, you may want to have supervision more often, though it isn't necessary to bring all of your client work to supervision. Supervision should be a planned activity, not sought ad hoc to deal with crises in your work, though being pro-active if there is a difficult client issue to address is also important. 

What Issues Should I Bring to Supervision?
There are no specific rules. Just about anything you bring from your client work can be a place to start exploring with your supervisor. Often, we bring things that challenge us, such as boundary issues, ethical issues and concerns about what interventions might be best to work with a client. The process of reflection and learning can be as deep from bringing positive aspects of coaching relationships as from their challenges. 

Is Supervision Only for Training or New Coaches?
No, but the way new coaches use supervision can differ from the sorts of supervision engaged in by more experienced coaches. For trainee and “learner” coaches, supervision is often about supporting the new coach to be confident - to develop appropriate authority and impact in the role, to expand their range, and to begin to learn how to work ethically. For more experienced supervisors, supervision may be more about deepening their practice, enhancing their (self) awareness and enhancing their higher-level capabilities. 

How Do I Get Supervision?
Use the contact us form or email Ruth@theconsultcentre.com , Ruth as a Master Coaching Practitioner and EMCC member is qualified as a Coaching Supervisor.

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