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Career Coaching.

Our world today is one that celebrates being busy. Being busy is something that we strive for, despite the feeling of overwhelm - the feeling of having no time like you’re drowning. Surely, being busy is a sign of success? Well, not necessarily.


You can be busy, but be in a job that you hate. One that makes you dread each morning, or you’re sat at your desk each day, bored and unfulfilled. You may be busy, but that doesn’t equal happiness. And recognising this isn’t easy.


With so many responsibilities, it feels as though we can’t afford to consider a career change. We have bills to pay, families to support and homes to maintain, shouldn’t we be thankful we have a job at all, regardless of whether it makes us happy?

Career Coaching focuses on work and career and is similar to career counselling. Career Coaching is not to be confused with Life Coaching, which concentrates on personal development. Another common term for a career coach is career guide.

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