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Build & Boost your Ratings on Google. 

Creating a Winning Google My Business Profile 



This is a complete course on Google my business tool. In this course you you will learn how to add a business to Google, how to share your latest news, events, or offers so that customers know what’s happening and when. You will learn how customers are interacting with your business profile. How did people find you? Where are they coming from?  Start a conversation with your customers by responding directly to reviews.



Face to Face -This one-day course is designed for all those wishing to maximise their profile with the your profile on Google My Business. 

On-Line Live with our Tutor – This 3-session course is delivered live over 3 days in 90-minute sessions. 

Instant Course -access the course instantly on our online courses tab watching tutorials of all 3 modules. 


  • Better understand about customers

  • Build strong relationships with the people who matter most

  • Learn how to create a free website

  • Learn how to stand out, and bring customers in

  • How to deal with negative and fake reviews

  • How to share latest news, offers, events and any business update

  • Learn how customers are interacting with your Business Profile

Learning Outcome 

You will learn to create a strong, professional and high ranking Google My Business site, adding you and your business to the heart of Google, boosting your search and ranking results.

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