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Ruth Wilkinson MSc - Owner

Masters in Coaching and Mentoring 

Diploma Embedded counselling 

Lecturer in Leadership and Social Enterprise – University of Cumbria 

Lecturer in Leadership and Digital Business Skills – Lancaster and Morecambe Business School 

Member of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council 

Member of Chartered Institute of Management – CMI 

Member of BACP – British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member of CIPD – Chartered Institute Personal Development 

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Hi, I’m Ruth and I’m the founder of The Consult Centre. My job does consist of two main priorities: making sure you are properly looked after as a client, and my team is enjoying their work, constantly developing and progressing. I coach clients – to make sure you are equipped with the latest skills and information to manage and run a successful business, I prioritise PR – reading the market and consumer buying data; assuring everything that we do as a company  is at the forefront of technology, social media, advertising and brand awareness. As our client, you rely on us for the best representation of their business and we need to make sure we’re in the best possible position to deliver. What I enjoy most about this industry is seeing the success that we’re able to deliver – being able to see our clients achieve and their brands become better known. I founded The Consult Centre having worked for 25 years in the corporate and small business industry. Also, by having started up and sold personal businesses, I understand what it takes to achieve and become a success. A skill I am most proud of is the ability to offer constant support, advice and guidance to you as our client – any queries or worries you have, we work on with you as a team, and we solve problems. My promise to you is that we will treat your business with the same care and attention as we would if it was our own. We consider ourselves as an extension of your business. 


Nikki Hardman

Office Manager

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Hiya, I’m Nikki and I am the organiser and chief administrator at The Consult Centre. I will be handling invoicing, bookings, checking and responding to our company’s emails and appointments week in week out without fail. I am the person that makes sure everything runs smoothly and assures you get the best customer service experience. I enjoy that every day is different; one day I’m could be focussing on one client, the next I could be inputting website data. It keeps the job fast paced and exciting. I have previously been a store manager meaning I have a knack for perfection, organisation and attention to detail; every aspect is accounted for. I feel I am a massive motivator to the team and it’s something I’m most proud of; I’m able to get someone up and running on a slow Monday morning! I promise to you as our client is that I will go above and beyond, exceed expectations and commit and dedicate my time to them completely. Nothing is too much hassle and I’m always looking to help out. 


Greg Lambert

Senior Designer & Content Manager

Hi! I'm Greg and my role at The Consult Centre consist mainly of design work and content writing. I was born and bred in Morecambe and have lived here all my life, now with my wife and 2 sons. For the past 20 years I have worked as a journalist, reporter and news editor for local papers such as The Visitor and The Mail in Barrow. I have also been presenting a radio show on Beyond Radio for the last 4 years. Some of you may know me as one of the event organisers for Morecambe Christmas Light Swith On and the Morecambe Carnival Stage Show.  I hope my media and social media experience will add value to the second to none service, The Consult Centre already offers their clients and I look forward to meeting those clients soon.

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Lesley Perrett

Client Account Manager

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Hi! I’m Lesley, and my role at The Consult Centre consists of three main things: design work, content writing and sales. Design work is creating graphic design for your social media that attracts attention and promotes your vision accurately. Content writing is also essential, and I work within a team that prides ourselves on getting your information right each time. Sales, looking for potential clients that may need help with web design and social media management… we understand it’s hard to juggle everything! I enjoy my work thoroughly as each day is different from the last, meaning I’m always learning something new! I also love that I get to show off my creative side in graphic design and content writing; you will recognise my work. I’ve worked in sales for over 20 years, meaning I know the industry thoroughly. The fact I also indulge in my creative side often means I’m attuned to my own styles and best work. A skill I’m most proud of, and that I use every day at The Consult Centre, is good customer service. It’s a skill I’ve developed over many years and a trait I can be remembered for, it’s important to be kind and professional. Finally, I promise you that I will give 100% effort to every bit of work I complete. I will be honest at all times, upfront and personal, making sure you feel comfortable with leaving your business in our care. 


Betsie Harvey

Content Designer

Hi! I’m Betsie and I am a graphic designer at The Consult Centre. I also dabble in content writing, but my main profession is making your brand stand out, gain followers and look professional. I enjoy that my job enables me to let my creative side run wild, trying out new ideas daily to ensure the best quality is produced. I love the massive amount of independence I am given in the company to put my own spin on things, whilst also keeping your vision and needs close to heart. I’ve always had a knack for colour scheming and developing styles specific to someone or something. Perfectionism is also my best friend; nothing will be posted until I am sure it is perfect. A skill I am most proud of is my dedication; no matter how long it takes or how difficult it may be, I will stick with it until it is just right. Therefore, my promise to you, as clients, is that the work I produce will always have 100% put into it, no design work will ever lack effort or creative flair.