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What is Training? 

Soft skills are usually those personality or personal attributes that enable a persons social interactions and effectiveness... Unlike technical or hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are applicable to everyone in different measures.

Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and 

knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.


Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, 

productivity and performance. A training course is a series of lessons or lectures teaching the skills that you need for a particular job or activity.

Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured. Such as Sales Skills , Presentation Skills , Management Skills, Project Management and Customer Service Skills, are just some of the 100's of skills courses available.

By contrast, soft skills are less tangible and harder to quantify, such as etiquette, getting along with others, listening and engaging in small talk.