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Social Media: Management.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.

You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”
Steuart H Britt

It's the Social Media sale from The Consult Centre.

No gimmicks. No nonsense.

Just an offer - For £200 a month, or £6.60 a day

We will run your Social Media; we do it all; here is what you get.


Ten posts a month to 4 platforms - minimum - Plus Bonus offer (see below)

We post to your four platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business.


Firstly the team gets to work and refreshes, or builds your social media accounts 

  1. If you already have them great, we will refresh, optimise and add specialist settings onto all your platforms. Free - Bonus Offer 

  2. If you don't have them, we build them. Free - Bonus Offer 

  3. Match all the headers, the logos, the colours and the graphics. Free - Bonus Offer  

  4. Litter them with our specialist keywording and search engine optimisation work. Free - Bonus Offer  

  5. Got an online shop - we can sort it 

  6. Got a services section - we can sort it 


Once that is done - it's time for the good stuff 

  1. We post to your platforms each week, three times a week 

  2. We optimise the posting times and activities to match when your customer demographic is most likely online

  3. We agree the content themes with you in advance - leaving you to run your business and us to accelerate your online presence

  4. We create all your visual content for your posts 

  5. We will increase your online engagement 

  6. We will gain you more followers - not just any followers, but one's that want your product or service 

  7. We will send you a report each month detailing all activity on your profiles, how many new followers you have, how much more reach you have


At the end of the trial ?

You can carry on with us doing everything for you, agreeing a cost with us to manage your account on a 30-day rolling contract or secure us again for nine months at reduced cost. You can walk away knowing that all your social media accounts are in the best shape they have ever been 

Bonus Offer (included)

We'll review and optimise all of your current profiles on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, or we will build them for you!


Media Package Offer includes:

10 x Facebook posts a month

10 x Twitter posts a month 

10 x Instagram (or LinkedIn ) posts a month

10 x Google My Business posts 

10 x posts into local consumer and business groups

Creation of graphics & photo posts for use on media platforms

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