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WOW it's already our tenth Day already in our Independent Businesses of The Bay Feature.

We would like to introduce your to Debi

My name is Debi and I have lived in Lancaster all my life. I love this area and I love to go on dog walks with my little Westie and I love to swim, dance, bake and travel! I launched Starfish Therapeutic Services in April 2016. I chose this name because there are about 2,000 different species of starfish that are very diverse in their appearance and they represent regeneration and healing in difficult situations. I hope to support people whoever they are and wherever they are coming from to regenerate and heal. I am a qualified therapist offering therapeutic services to adults, children and families. I approach all my work from a person centred perspective and I have worked with children, families and adults for nearly 20 years. I offer a wide range of therapeutic services which can be tailored to your specific needs. These include - Person-centred counselling - I believe that all of us have an inbuilt ability to develop towards our full potential however some life experiences and pre- disposed conditions can affect our ability to do this. I offer a safe, protected space and therapeutic relationship where they can explore their life experiences at their own pace, helping them to restore their ability to develop and grow in positive ways. Creative therapy services - I offer empathy, understanding and confidentiality in a safe space where you will be able to explore feelings in a creative way, using art and other sensory mediums such as sand instead of or alongside talking. Play therapy services - Play is incredibly important for a child’s development, it helps to shape key social, creative, language, emotional, cognitive and physical processes. Play therapy offers children a safe and comfortable space in which they can be themselves and have the emotional support to express their feelings freely. These feelings can then be explored and contained in a healthy way with the help of a play therapist in order to promote resilience and confidence within each child.

Filial play coaching (Individual or group work) - It can sometimes be difficult for parents and carers to establish and maintain a rewarding relationship with their children and this happens for many different reasons. Filial play coaching aims to help improve the relationship between parent/carer and child, teaching parents about child-centred, non-directive play and how they can include this in their parenting activities. Topics covered are: Being predictable and consistent; setting and keeping boundaries; focussing on and being with your child; reflecting your child’s emotions and words and giving choices back to your child.

Living with anxiety course - This course will explain more about anxiety and will help you to understand it more. It is a distance learning course where you will receive the information by email, look at the information and reflect individually with email support as needed. It includes 5 emails with course content and email support if needed. A face to face version is also an option if there is enough interest.

Listen to your HeArt sessions – Individual and group relaxing sessions for school aged Children and their Parents and Carers or individual adults where you can deepen your self-awareness and relationship and express yourself through creative arts. The session focusses on using creative arts in a therapeutic way, using a mixture of directive and non-directive activities.

Personal development therapy group for adults - A small group of adults that is facilitated by Debi and focuses on personal development. Personal development groups use the collective wisdom of the participants to help each other to develop insight into themselves and their relationship to themselves; other people and the world. The group follows the person centred approach to therapy and uses a mixture of non-directive and directive processes. It is a safe and protected space where you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Hand and Arm Massage - Over an hour of relaxing and soothing massage. I practice intense hand, arm and leg massage using a complementary blend of reflexology, Korean and massage techniques which offers tremendous health benefits such as reduction of stress and assisting the body to cleanse itself of impurities and toxins whilst soothing, refreshing and revitalising energy levels. Special offer for July - £30 for 3 sessions (a saving of £15 or £5 per massage!) Gift vouchers for all occasions are available. I work from a self contained private therapy room in South Lancaster.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch – http://starfishtherapeuticservices.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/starfishtherapeuticservices Email – starfishservices@hotmail.com, Mobile - 07870415759

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