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Who do you trust as a coach time for some honesty

You have taken the decision to hire a business coach? And now you want to find one and you realise;

"How the hell do I find the right one", "how do I know if they are qualified" .

Yes, it is a nightmare, and yes, there are people out there who have undertaken a day or week course and now consider themselves to be the next taker of a seat on Dragon's Den.

Just as teacher a needs to be qualified and a trainer too, you would expect a coach needs to also be.

Well that's the shame, they don't, not always.

I will make myself unpopular here with all the coaches who have decided they don't like their job anymore, decide to spend a couple of grand on a course and a certificate and now consider they are perfectly placed and qualifed.

Frankly they aren't a coach with experience. They are a coach, who has no doubt worked hard to pass a course but they just aren't the experienced professional who will save you from decisions you shouldn't make, and guide you to success.

In recent months, I have met coaches that held 9 different jobs in 5 years, coaches that claim to be a life coach after a two day course. Coaches that "do it on the side" for a bit of pocket money.

What you should want, is an industry served, professional. An accountable and knowledge individual, who you are going to hand over the hard earned cash to, and expect expertise and experience in return.

A good coach will be busy, they will have a reputation. They will have testimonials. They will offer a free session first to you, to meet you, to assess your goals and requirements, to understand, *wait for it*, if they even want to work with you.

They will have no problem in sharing their CV with you, talking about their qualifications, their experience, their area of expertise.

You should interview them. You are about to give them your money and your trust.

Don't be shy, GRILL THEM !, you are paying for a service and you should get value for money.

I have some fantastic colleagues in the coaching industry, some absolutely brilliant, productive and inspiring people that can, as any committed coach does, as I do, help you release your potential and get to your goal.

Top tips To Find a Coach

*Research the coach on line

*Email them, ask for a list of their qualifications

*Explain what assistance you are looking for- does their experience match

*Ask to see a copy of their CV

*Ask them for a referral client you can call idependantly -

(point to note here, some Coaches will not give this detail, their client relationships are confidential and they may need to seek permission from an existing client first.)

*Do they offer a free initial consultation

*How long is their average working relationship- you need to plan your finances

Not one of the questions above would concern an experienced and confident coach.

In fact, the opposite, they will be impressed at your diligence.

Exactly the kind of commitment a coach wants to see in a client, one they want to work with.

You wouldn't give the keys to your Ferrari to a driver that passed their test a day ago, so please don't give your business, hope, trust and dreams to a coach that, even with the best of intentions, has the potential to cause a crash in your life or business.


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