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Not Everyone will learn in the same way

Announcing One to One Social Media Training

"I don't like training in a group, I'm not confident and it makes me feel self conscious"

"I'm not technical and I don't want to be in a group, it makes me nervous"

"People will think I'm an idiot, don't like being in group"

Not everyone learns in the same way, in recent weeks we have been asked more and more to run our training sessions on Social Media Platforms in a one to one format. 

People wish to have one to one time or perhaps train with a friend. 

When can I be trained ?

We have now created the option for people to train privately with us during week days, weekends or in the evening. 

Can I be trained via the internet?

We can train you remotely one on one, via video link with screen sharing, allowing you to train in your own home with an expert. 

We can train you in person at our premises in Morecambe 

We can come to your business location

What can you train me on?

Instagram for Business

 Facebook for Business

 Linkedin for Business,

Twitter for Business. 

How long will it take? 

Training lasts 1-4 hours dependant upon subject and experience level 

How much will it cost?

Training starts from as little as 

£50 per personal session of Instagram - 1.5 hours 

£80 for Linkedin for Business - 2 hours 

£200 Facebook for Business - 3.5 hours 

£50 Twitter for Business -1.5 hours 

Will you train my friend and I for the same cost?

Yes- a one to one session can be for up to two people 

Do you train larger groups at a work location or a venue near me?

Yes - just drop us an email 

Are you qualified?


#Train the trainer Certified 

#Facebook Certified

#Instagram Certified 

#Facebook Design practitioner

Human Factors Assessment Design, Deliver and Facilitate

How do I find out more ? 

Click here to drop us a message with any questions, enquiries 

or to book.

If you would like to call please do 


We can discuss your requirements 

If the above isn't exactly what you would like, or you would like to be trained on more than one subject please ask us, we can amend to help you.

Is the training any good? 

Thank you for an excellent Instagram workshop. I learned so much that I had not been aware of and look forward to coming to more sessions.

Ruth was patient and knew what she was talking about, everything was tailored to increasing your business. I would highly recommend.

Lisa VO reviewed The Consult Centre Ltd — 5 star

Just had a 1-to-1 session on Facebook and using social media with Ruth. The session was excellent, really useful and helpful. It's quite mind blowing how much is built for businesses and so many of us have no idea!Ruth tailored the delivery to my learning speed and level, so even I (techno-phobic at times) could understand. Both Facebook and Instagram courses are highly recommended for anyone who runs business pages. Your money won't be wasted. Ruth's knowledge is trustworthy and immense! 

Working with Ruth improving my Facebook Business page making it easier to navigate for my clients, easier for me to work in and looking professional was amazing. A Brilliant one day workshop. Lots of content and leaving with homework that is not overwhelming and doable. Thank you Ruth, can't wait for the next one.

So i have done 2 courses now with Ruth and Steve and i have to say.......they are fantastic. You learn exactly what you need to be focusing on and what you need to be changing. What you need to implement and how to implement it. I would recommend them to anyone that is genuine about moving your business in the right direction. Be prepared to do your homework!

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