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It's Friday, it's day 26 on Independent Businesses on The Bay!

... And we are really thrilled to introduce you to Amanda at Tinbox Angel! Now we have to admit, we are a little bias ! We have been ordering from Amanda for 2 years now. Every Christmas time, all our presents are handmade by Amanda and every birthday, we go to Amanda too. Her skill and dedication are unbelievable and she works so hard to produce such amazing quality pieces..

Here is a little more about Amanda and TinBox Angel

Working from a small touring caravan which was bought for the sole purpose of creating a home for the ever growing fabric supply's needed to 'feed her soul'. Amanda worked for two happy years, oblivious to the outside world and with only her radio as company. The caravan is the Tinbox in her story, along with her Angel, the beloved sewing machine which her late Mother left her, cleverly knowing full well that at some point Amanda would learn to use.

However Amanda's joy of sewing has ignited a passion for the design and creation of bags, that not even her Angel could've predicted. The wonderful path Amanda and her designs have enjoyed the past four years has been inconceivable. In 2016 a purpose built workshop was constructed in Amanda's garden and is now the permanent home to 'Tinbox Angel'.

The launch of a luxury leather range in 2018 has been a wonderful addition to her textile creations and has proved very popular.

Amanda who has been training in the art of Leather craft, is bringing her extensive bag making skills into the mix, to combine the two crafts to create high quality, artisan made handbags and accessories. Each creation is designed and created in her garden workshop, which is based in the idyllic coastal village of Overton, Lancashire. The launch of the leather range in 2018 was a huge step for the business, and one which took considerable planning to integrate these products into her popular catalogue of fabric creations.

It has been the most wonderful year for Tinbox Angel who is continuing to add to the ever growing number of designs from small leather goods to large practical bags. Each one individually created from a single pair of hands. Using traditional tools and skills from the leather and textile trade which have been around for centuries. https://www.tinboxangel.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TinboxAngel/

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