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It is time to introduce Jasmin Hall from styled by Jasmin.

It's day 28! Independent Businesses of The Bay And

Jasmin is the lady to go to for style that is personal to you ! Jasmin is the owner of Styled By Jasmin, and an expert in her industry. "You don't need to spend big money to look stylish!" Below you can find out more about Jasmin and her up and coming workshops, and you can see why so many ladies have taken the leap to attend and transform their confidence and their approach to fashion, style, health and wellbeing !


1) Identify your body shape 2) Identify your style 3) Identify your best colours 3) Learn how to wardrobe detox 4) Create a capsule wardrobe 5) Learn how to curate whole outfits 6) Learn how to shop

Learning all of the above skills will make you look the best version of you.

- You will appear taller and slimmer - You will always have something to wear - No more impulsive last minute buys from supermarkets (because you have nothing to wear) - Shopping and dressing won't be stressful - You will have more confidence

I'm a single mum of two girls 14&9. I love being in the mountains and lakes. I love to study French, meditate and hang out with my kids and my best pals... I love a simple life, with simple pleasures and little luxury.

I'm passionate about my job and getting women to appreciate their uniqueness. I'm also very interested in Theta brain state and vibration to access the unconscious, so I do a lot of self hypnosis.

I love English Lakes ice cream, Turkish delight and chocolate ginger.


Personal Stylist Personal Shopper Hairstylist Make-up artist Public Speaker Consultant for Arbonne.

(Nutrition, skincare & makeup)

I appreciate my job is very sensitive and it takes a lot of courage for some ladies to come on my workshops, but they have all said how funny, relaxing and informative they are. So if you are a lady who feels anxious about coming, we can always have a chat and you can find out more or meet me for a coffee otherwise get booked on. 😘😘😘 You can book a workshop here https://www.eventbrite.com/o/jasmin-hall-25231918661 or find out more here https://www.facebook.com/pg/styledbyjasminx/

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